Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September's It's Paper Dear Reveal

My darlings! Today's the day where I get to share what's in It's Paper Dear with you! & I'm quite excited about this box. :} If you haven't gotten your box yet, don't read on! Otherwise, here we go: 
This month is pretty & soft in comparison to July & August. Which, I love because there's just something so wonderful about letting your eyes and hands play with goodies that look like sweet candies & everything nice. :} Don't you agree? 
Anyway, this month, there are like three or four different "journal" options, as we wanted to keep it interesting & mix it up a bit. Because as I said at the beginning, when I first started the box, it's not a cookie-cutting factory, it's a quirky, fun, hand-crafted treasure box. And I hope you find all of the goodies super inspiring so you can go play & share your treasure box with everyone you know! :}
Meanwhile, can we talk about how cute the sponsors this month are? Both are returning lovelies, with very different goodies for September. Nature's My Friend shared a greeting card and some lovely stickers. While, The Little Pink Studio shared some super cute vintage ribbon. :} Thank you both!
Now one last thing before I'm off... 
I've had quite a few people talk about how they love the box, but aren't quite sure what to do with some of the pieces. Which is why, if you guys would like, I would be happy to share a few different ways I would/am using the boxes? & I was also thinking about if anyone has any really clear & lovely examples of how they've used the boxes, maybe offering a little discount code for the shop, if they'd share them? If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, shoot me an email & we'll work it out! :} (ziecampbell [AT] gmail [DOT} com) Otherwise, would you guys like some tutorials/examples on how to use the box? 
& If you loved this box, but missed it this time around, be sure to make sure you grab next month's while it's still here! :} 
Hope you are doing well! Have a fabulous rest of your day, xo. 


  1. This box is so lovely! I got pieces of mine last night because USPS ruined it, but I still got the adorable little doily and some lovely pieces of paper! Excited for next month!

  2. Fun! I like how everyone's box is a little different. =) I'll definitely share with you when I get a chance to use some of the elements!

  3. this is SO cute! love all the colours & patterns.

    you're blog is too cute! would you be interested in swapping buttons?!



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