Sunday, September 2, 2012

Smashed on Sunday: Glues

Happy Sunday, sweetlings! I hope you've had a lovely holiday weekend thus far! Mine has been quite nice, I must say. I've gotten to spend time with some lovely folks and now I'm getting to work while watching movies with my roommates. :} Which is what brings us to today's post! Smashbooking and glues! 

 As always, these posts feature my smash book, but the same things apply to art/alt journals, scrapbooks, and any other form of paper play. And in this post, I'll be talking a little about my three "brush on" glues that I use the most. PVA, ModPodge, and Elmer's.
 Now, while I like all three for very different reasons, it's good to play around and see which ones work best for you for different projects. More often then not, I'll grab my Elmer's and mix it into a small container and add a bit of water. Especially if I'm just using thin papers like from a magazine clipping, newsprint, or even just something I printed off quickly. Thin papers don't need thick glues. Now, when I am using thicker papers, I go more for my ModPodge or PVA.
ModPodge and I have an odd relationship. Sometimes, I really love it, others... not so much. And I've learned that when I use it with anything but really thick papers, I always get these horrid bubbles or wrinkles in my paper. & that very well could be me being silly... so if anyone knows how to fix that, let me know? :}
And then we get to the third of the lovely glues I've chosen: PVA. I use the Paper Source brand simply because when I worked there, that's all we used and I got really comfortable with it. But as far as I'm aware, all PVA is the same thing, so which ever brand you choose will be wonderful, I'm sure. A little tip & probably my favorite thing about PVA: flip your paper over, and brush out your glue from the middle to the edges making a giant circle. Keep doing this until the paper starts to curl and then settles back down. From there, you can lay it down and add a layer of PVA on top, if you wish. I hope this was helpful. :}
Now I'm curious what kinds of glues do you use in your paper crafting? Do you like liquid or "brush on" glues? Or do you prefer the stick kind? 


  1. Cool post! I've never used PVA before, but may have to try it sometime. I usually just Mod Podge everything.

  2. I have the same problem with mod podge. I love the sparkle mod podge except for the smell.
    My favorite glues are Golden's matte medium, and Claudine Hellmuth's multi matte medium. Both are great for everyday paper adhesives.
    My all time favorite, couldn't live without it is The Ultimate Glue. It holds everything, and works on every surface from paper to fabric, to wood. LOVE it. :)

  3. Hi Zie!

    I love all your glue options, but for different things. My favorite thing to do with Modpodge is to use it as a protective coat. For instance, I made coasters out of Modpodge and when drinks sit on it and drip drip drip the coaster may have a white ring around it a bit, but a little later they are good as new.

    Sorry, getting carried away. My question is this ... Have you experienced the wonder of Best Test Rubber Cement? To this day it is my favorite. No bubbles, no wrinkles, a perfect flat lay every time. The key is the dry to dry application. (if you want permanence). I feel positive that you know even more about this than I do, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask :)

    Thanks again for the pen info!


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