Thursday, September 27, 2012

Snail Mail: Boring to Brilliant

Hello Darlings, Jessica from Nature's My Friend here to teach you how to take your snail mail from Boring to Brilliant! Follow these five simple steps that turn any plain old envelope into an exciting piece of mail art.Seal or Stripe 
Sure envelopes come with built in glue but licking and closing a plain envelope is typical; jazz up a sealed edge with patterned tape, or for even more fun, create stripes across the surface.
Don't say it, Stamp it

Using rubber stamps can add dimension and interest to an often very "flat-looking" surface. Experiment with inks, stamp pads, markers, paint and other media for even more depth and variation.
 Thoughtful Font 
Take care when writing out names and addresses, not only will your envelopes look clean and beautiful but they'll be processed faster at the post office if they are legible. Consider the style or font of lettering your choose, as this can also dramatically influence the look of your letter.
A Dash of Different
If you can add something unique like a cute sticker, a small drawing or a little collage of a clipping it really makes the recipient feel special that you went the extra mile.
Precious Postage
I collect and use vintage stamps on most of my mail, but the local post office also has an incredible selection! Pick out a stamp your pen pal would love, one that matches your color scheme or even combine smaller denominations of postage so that you can stick multiple stamps on your letter. Slap on decorative stamps for added flair!Please enjoy and implore these fun tricks next time you belly up to some letter writing. Be sure to share any of your lovely results with both Zie and I! Happy penpal-ing!
Thank you, Jessica! This is a fabulous post & I can't wait to see what everyone makes! :} Do you snail mail? What's your favorite part about it? The writing or the decorating? :} 


  1. OO i love this! so simple and cute. totally doable for my penpal needs. i absolutely adore snail mail. it depresses me that it's not so appreciated anymore and it's a really tough market to be in, but i'd rather cater to those with a love of the handwritten than give up something so beautiful for a boring e-mail.

  2. Oh, I love this post! I'll have to share it with the members of the little pen pal club that I run on my blog!

  3. Love it! I need to do this for my letters from now on!

  4. This is all so amazing! I actually didn't think you could decorate the front of your mail so much but I will definitely be doing this now :)

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  5. Bookmarked!! :D This is just so great, thanks for the tips!

  6. What a great idea! You know, I always think it's SO cool when cards come with pretty matching envelopes, but never thought much about making the envelope pretty when I make my own cards. Flagging this for future reference!

  7. It is wonderful. Never thought about making letters so personal and beautiful!

    Thank you


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