Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I Wore: "Work" Clothes

Happy Wednesday, my sweet ones. How has your week been going? Mine has been rather lovely thus far. :} Still crazy busy, but I think I'm finally going to figure out how to balance it all. Which, brings us to today's post. I've seen quite a few blogs that talk about the best ways to keep motivated & keep sane while working from home. Most of them make some sort of comment about how every day you need to get up, get dressed & look pretty just like you would do if you were going IN to work. 
Which, I completely agree. But I've got something even better. A pretty, pretty robe! Now, I know it seems silly, but when I snagged this little beauty over at ModCloth's HUGE sale (for like $15!) I fell deeply in love. And since then, anytime I am sitting at home, working on things, I put it on. And it's become this "thinking cap" kind of thing. Just like when you put jammies on, you are letting your body & mind know it is time to sleep, here you are letting your body & mind know it is time to work. It really does help, hah. 
So now, I feel more productive & definitely feel pretty, a lovely combo I'll say! But what about you guys? What do you do to help yourself get in the zone to work? Do you drink coffee or tea and listen to music? Do you sit in complete silence? Do you wear a certain item (or type of item)? How do you let your mind and body know that it is working time?                                                                                          


  1. Cute!! I am looking for a job I can do from home and no luck so far :( My 8 month old however, is a full time job!


  2. that is such a cute outfit! you look gorgeous :) XO

  3. So pretty! I have to get dressed in order to work at home, otherwise I procrastinate the entire day away! Music, tea and general getting-stuff-set-up-and-ready are how I get my brain into work mode :)

  4. Aww you're adorable! <3

    I turn music on my computer- Matchbox 20 Pandora (usually)

    I've got to be wearing something comfy, usually soft shorts and a tank top, then throw on a hoodie when I'm cold.

    And I always throw my hair up in a messy bun. I've got to get it out of my way so I can get to work!

    Happy Thursday lovely! <33

  5. Ah! I like that. We do that sort of thing as children in school. Why do we stop when obviously it works?

    Very pretty.

  6. Your robe is beautiful! I love the collar. I always drink tea and I have different playlists on my Ipod for what mood I'm in :D

  7. it is SO cute. love the lace detail!

    Angie ||

  8. Cuuute! It's so pretty and lacey!

    I have a day job, so of course I have to dress up for that. But then at home I have work to do for my business. I set everything up exactly as I'd like it - glass of juice or water if I'm thirsty, sometimes a snack to munch on... bring it all into my craft room. Then play a TV show on my laptop via Netflix or Hulu, and it's time to start working! Oh, and I don't have an adorable robe, but I usually snuggle up in a blanket if it's chilly. =)

  9. What a cute cape sweater? XD Well whatever it is, it is adorable.


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