Sunday, October 7, 2012

All Hallow's Smashbook

Happy Sunday! :} I hope your weekend is going wonderfully :} I'm currently at my folks house, celebrating my sisters's birthday and playing in my smashbook. I made a bunch of Halloween goodies for my family & I to play with, but ended up adding them to the shop (so you can play, too!) & I'm quite excited about them. :}
I've got tons of different labels, journal cards, recipe cards, things to use for cupcake toppers & the like all for quick download so we can print over and over and make as many pages, crafts, cupcake toppers as possible. But anyway, so I took a couple of those and made this little mock-page in my smashbook. Mainly because I'm one of those people that gets really excited about the holiday BEFORE it happens & then after I'm ready to move on to the next holiday, hah. So I wanted to play while I was still excited. :} 
So I took a couple old photographs I had around the house and drew on them to give them a little Halloween costuming, ;) Then I popped on a couple of little goodies that are from older It's Paper Dear boxes. I like using them as embellishments on a page, but they could also be fun to add to your envelopes or cards for penpals. 
Then I printed out all my little goodies on sticker paper, cut them out & just pasted them in. SUPER easy. & Last, I did a few little doodles, wrote in the labels, & stamped some illustrations in. Took roughly 30 minutes. :D So pop on over to the shop  & grab your printable Halloween goodies! :}
Meanwhile, what are you all up to today? And what are you doing to start getting ready for the season? Are you making or baking anything? I'm on the hunt for some easy, yummy things to make, so please share! ;)


  1. Your pages here are so fun! Love the doodling on the old photos. All of your new printables are so cute. Had to have the planner, but will be back soon for some of the Halloween sheets.

  2. PS.
    I was thrilled to see a smashbook post from you again! Your pages always inspire me to smash. :)

  3. that is sooo pretty! Halloween isn't as big in the Netherlands, I wish it was :(


  4. very good job, i wish i could do stuff like this but i can never find the time. :(


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