Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crafting Tools

 Hello there, dearest darlings :} How goes your week thus far? I've been a bit under the weather but hopefully will be better soon. I don't really have time to be ill right now, as silly as that sounds. I'm going to be busy running around in class and getting ready for the Halloween Ball that I'm planning for my school tonight, eek! Meanwhile, I'm popping in really quickly to share a little something with you all. 
Lately, I've not been making time to really craft or play. So, I'm trying to fix that little bit by little bit. And as I'm always super inspired to see the supplies and tools that other people use in their crafts, art, and playing, I thought I might share mine as well. Hopefully inspiring both myself and you all :}
 First, I'm new to these Stabilo pens, but my goodness. I adore them. They're fun for doodling and making any letter to a penpal or lecture notes more lively and interesting. :} And then I use my hole-punch (all my punches really) and stamps quite frequently.
And then, there's tape. I use everything from masking tapes to regular clear tape to pretty washi tapes. It's quick, easy, and a wonderful way of decorating just about anything. :} And of course, the papers and scraps and stickers
Sometime later this week I plan on sharing some of the things I made with all these lovely things, but for now I'm curious what everyone else uses? Have you tried those pens? Do you have a favorite tool/toy to play and create with? 
I hope your day goes amazingly, my dears! :} 
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  1. What an adorable little kit. I first discovered Stabilo pens last summer in France and I adore them too. My kit these days consists of my sewing machine, scissors, printed cotton, fleece and velcro... Happy Tuesday, Love Elle xo

  2. So much cuteness!
    I guess I will have to try and find some of those pens, I don't think I have ever seen them.
    As for things I use, The Ultimate glue is my favorite go to glue, but I also love Golden's matte medium, and I can't seem to create anything without vintage lace. :)

  3. Lovely paper bits! I had a whole pack of the Stablio pens, they were my favorite! Your rubber stamps are adorable. My favorite things are maps, doilies, washi tape and scallop edge scissors.


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