Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY: Trick or Treat?

Hello, my darling ones! I've got a really long, fun post for you all today, so let's get right to it, shall we? :} 
 Ok, so do you all remember last time we talked about PicMonkey? Where we played with quick photo edits to make your photos extra lovely? Well, they've recently uploaded some new options to play with... so shall we trick... or treat?
 There are lots of fun options, but I wanted to share my favorite: Day of the Dead. So first off, pick a fun picture of you or a friend, then paint your face white.
 Then there are lots of different options within the "Day of the Dead" header. Pick your shapes, rotate, scale & change the colors until you're happy with how it looks. Then, you can erase the eyes a bit & then add color. I really love how bold & silly it all looks! I wish we could dress like this all of the time :}
 You can add different shapes and then change the transparency so you can make it look like it belongs on your skin a bit more. Then, flip over to the other tab so you can erase the areas that should go "under" something else.
 What I really like is this new Color 1// Color 2 deal. It could have always been there, but I just found it, hah. & Now I can change the color of the flower AND the color of the outline.
 You can also right click on an object and more options pop up, making it all a little more like Photoshop, but still easier. You can send things behind others to add layers, and duplicate a flower a bunch of times so you don't have to make all of those edits all over again.
 Now there are a ton of other ways to play & have fun, so off with you! Go play and be scary and be sure to share what you make! :}


  1. Haha, I just spent a few hours playing with these too! Wish they had them all year round:)

  2. So cool!! I love Halloween, thanks for sharing this

  3. That is SO fun!!! I will need to do this :) I love Halloween!

  4. this is so great! I played with it a little, but didn't realize you could do all that you did!

  5. Ooh! How cool! Definitely going to have to give it a go for Halloween :D


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