Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello, my sweetest darling ones! Happy Monday to you all :} How was your weekend? Mine was filled with quite a roller-coster of emotions. Simply, please keep my family in your thoughts & prayers. But I had my pout & my cry it out & now I'm ready to tackle this week. I woke up this morning and after I got over the initial "eff today, I just want my bed" that comes with waking up early for me, I really felt quite wonderful. I'm ready to get back to my normal work and school schedule. Which, is what brings us to today's post. 
I've been asked numerous times what kinds of things I use on a normal class day & how exactly going to art school "works". So I thought I'd share a little 'what's in my backpack' kind of deal to show you just a bit. 
Now, I'll start by saying that this semester is an odd one for me. I'm not really taking any design classes right now, as I'm trying to get caught up on my gen-eds. But I do have my illustration 3 & printmaking classes to keep me going. 
But with mostly gen-eds, I have school books, my planner, my notebooks, a zillion pens, pencils, highlighters, gellies, & headphones. But I do still have two sketchbooks I always have with me. One for printmaking & one for illustration 3. You're wondering why I don't just combine them, I'm sure. My professors are silly & they insist we have a zillion new sketchbooks each semester. Oh, well. 
Meanwhile, I'm curious what your favorite, have-to-have in your bag thing is? Mine would be the pens, pencils, highlighters & gellies. They make my lecture notes & my planner more fun :}
Hope you have a fabulous rest of your Monday, m'dears! 


  1. Wow! ur backpack is really cute! I love it!

  2. Your backpack & contents are way prettier than mine ever were!! Hehe. My obsession was colorful sharpie liquid highlighters. Those were (are) the BEST!!

  3. love the gold glitter wallet! what happened? when did we start loving gold, and glitter together, or sequins? Remember when we used to make fun of acertain family members for their sequins and gold stuff? :)

  4. Hooray, I spy my letter on the top of the pile :) did the little gift make it in one piece?


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