Monday, October 8, 2012

i love fall

Hello, my sweetlings. :] I'm already having a wonderful week & I hope you are as well! It's Fall here in the states & in Nashville it has been quite lovely. Cool, but mostly sunny. And honestly, I could not be happier. Sweaters, warm sock, fluffy slippers, scarves, hot tea, pretty crafts, yummy foods, beautiful colors... please tell me what part of this season is not to love? :} I'll have a ton of wonderful Fall-themed goodies to share with you all this month & today I wanted to start with a feel-warm & fuzzy mood board. But I'm curious what's getting you excited about Fall & what kinds of goodies you have planned? And do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share? Or favorite Fall-style tip that you couldn't live without? Send me links & pics, lovelies! :} 
xo, see you tomorrow!


  1. Mostly, it's the beginning of glitter season, but also chai tea, sweaters, and boots. :)

  2. outside activities! bon fires and haunted houses and corn mazes and pumpkin patches and hiking and piles of leaves and moremoremore!

  3. I love fall too - for the fact that I get to wear sweaters and boots and cuddle up under covers!

  4. I can't wait to get my hands one some chestnuts! Lovely collage, dear :)

    x Angie ||

  5. I love fall, especially the colours of fall: orange, yellow, red, green, brown. Warm colours. Ow and cinnamon tea :D

    xx Susie @ Even Sweeter Dreams

  6. This is my first fall in the USA and I hear from everyone it's a BIG DEAL. So I'm trying to experience everything. I catapulted a pumpkin recently, and that's been my highlight so far!

  7. I haven't yet planned any fall crafts. Last year I made a great wreath and feel like I need to do something for this year!


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