Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Paper Dear--- October Reveal!

 Hello, my sweetlings! Guess what today is! Of course you guessed "October's big reveal" right? ;) Well, you would be correct! I always love sharing this with you guys & I'm even more excited about this month vs. any other! For those of you who do not know, It's Paper Dear  is my monthly subscription box dedicated to pretty things, paper things, and pretty paper things. Everything from lovely stationery to paper playing supplies. And as boxes went out this week, I'm excited to share this month with you all. Spoiler alert! If you haven't received your box yet & want to be surprised, don't read on! ;)
This month really captures that delicate transition between summer and fall, still toying with the vibrant, beautiful floral patterns but incorporating warmer, deeper colors associated with fall. And this month includes a lovely journal for you to doodle or write or collage in, the most amazing sticky-notes-ruler contraption ever made, an entire roll of decorative tape, tons of darling embellishments and some of my favorite stationery ever. :}
 Again, as the year progresses and It's Paper Dear  celebrates its fourth month, I wanted to push this little box a bit further. Introducing the "Stationery Shoppe". This month, I collected two different greeting cards for you & then made my own (the little zebra one), and as I adore stationery and truly had a blast making my own, I hope to offer this little feature more and more in the coming months.
And then we have the embellishment packs. I've always been a huge fan of these and this month they included things like paper punches, sequins, buttons and now these wonderful chipboard stickers. And can be used for anything from jazzing up a smashbook/scrapbook/art journal page to adding a darling surprise or embellishment to your next letter for your penpals. So much fun!
 And all of these fabulous little goodies come safely bundled in brightly colored tissue paper (which you can recycle and use in your art!) ready to be turned into a darling gift to yourself or someone special :]
And then this month, I'm quite excited to announce our featured artist: Miss Happy Pink! I truly love this little pack she made for us. Postcards to bookmarks... and that cat! I adore him. & Lucky for me, this month I actually get to keep one of the featured artist's packs! So penpals, be looking out for these fabulous items. :}
But be sure to stop over at her amazingly fun blog, shop, and facebook page
And for those of you who either missed out on this month or wanted to make sure you get your next month as well, make sure you pop on over to the shop and grab one quick! They're flying fast :} Also, just a side note, the three month option is currently switching over to a two month plan, as we plan on offering completely new options in the new year! :}
I hope you are as excited about this box as I am & I can't wait to see all of the things you guys make! Have a wonderful day! xo, 

ps... I forgot to add a little preview of next month's box... 


  1. hey Zie! is there any hint as to what will be in the november box

  2. I purchased a 3 month subscription (Sept.-Nov.) for my darling daughter(11). She was in love with the first box and was waiting with great anticipation on the October box.

    I wish you could have heard the squeaks, giggles, oooohhh's and aaaahhh's from her! She is so in love with your sweet boxes and I get extra kisses each month when they arrive.

    Thank you for all the time, care, attention and heart you pour into your product!

    I have a feeling we will be a long time customer!

    Hugs Always!


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