Saturday, October 27, 2012

Miss Snow White

 Hello there, my darling ones! How has your weekend been going? Anyone go to any lovely Halloween parties? I know a lot of people are trick-or-treating and having their parties this weekend, as the holiday falls on Wednesday this year. I, however, am going to two parties during the week. One, to the Halloween Ball that I had to plan for my school on Tuesday and then on the actual night, I'm going to a darling friend's house :} And I'm quite excited about it!
And as my girlfriends and I are all going as Disney Princesses and I was elected as Snow White, I've pieced together this little costume. I haven't decided if I'm going to wear it both nights or on actual Halloween and maybe make another quick costume for the Ball. But I wanted to test out the entire outfit, make up and all before hand so I could make sure I worked out any kinks. And I'm honestly quite please with how it has turned out :} 
But what are you all going as? Did you buy your costume or make it or piece it together like I did? 

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Be safe out there this week, everyone and have a very spooky night! ;)


  1. Oh, you look darling! Love your costume! ♥

  2. Aaw you look super cute! I'd choose Snow White.


  3. So cute! Great outfit :)
    We don't realy celebrate Halloween here though.

    xx Susie
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  4. You make such a perfect Snow White :) Have a lovely time.

  5. You are beautiful, Zie!! Love your costume!!

  6. I love Snow White... if I was going as a Disney Princess that's who I would want to be too :) Fun costume...

    Love Elle xo

  7. It looks great, definitely recognisable!
    Very gorgeous xo


  8. You look hot hot, and totally like Snow White!! I completely bailed on Halloween dress up this year but did not skip out on the candy! :P


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