Tuesday, October 23, 2012

revolutionize her! inspiring women

Hey there pretties!!! My name is Kassi and I am SUPER pumped to be here to share with you about a fun online community!
RevolutionizeHer is a community for women, started by women. Our goal is to unite those who aspire to be more than they are; who dream of being something more and reaching for those dreams on a daily basis!
Recently we introduced the concept of a monthly theme within our community. September's theme was Dream Big! You'll find blog posts from our amazing blog team on allowing your dreams to evolve or about how big dreams don't have to be about elaborate things. The forum included discussions on what big dreams you've been reaching towards, or how you react to those that belittle your dreams.
The month of October is centered on Change! We've had some enlightening blog posts on change being inevitable, the power that change holds in our lives and more. Our discussions this month have been centered on changes and how you feel about them.
With the month of November comes a brand new theme and a brand new focus for our group! Today, we invite YOU to check out RevolutionizeHer. Join in a community of women supporting and encouraging other women. Take part in our discussion forum, share your thoughts on our blog posts. But most of all, join with us as we share with one another in a world where sometimes all you need is someone who can relate.
Thanks so much to Zie for allowing me to share with you lovelies today! Hope to see you over at RevolutionizeHer!
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Happy Tuesday, my dear ones! I hope you liked the post today, & even more, I hope you pop over and enjoy the inspiring and motivating folks over there. Normally, I'm not a big fan of this kind of thing, but I feel really strongly about this site & the things they are doing. Especially as a young woman who is becoming more and more aware of just how difficult it is to get up, keep up & keep going and to realize your dreams. And anytime I'm feeling a bit down on it all, these guys have kind of helped me kick back up. So I encourage you guys to take a look. :} 

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