Saturday, October 6, 2012

Today's the Day to...

Happy Saturday, sweetlings! I hope you had a wonderful week & your weekend has started out quite lovely! I myself am currently on my way to see my family. My little sister is turning 19 tomorrow :} And while I'm super excited to go home & see my family, I keep running over all the things I need to get done this weekend while I "relax". 
 Now, I know that from all my posts and your comments to instagram & twitter & even on here, that organization is something we all constantly try to achieve. And if you're anything like me, this comes in the way of numerous forms of plans, lists & notes to myself so I don't forget a single thing. I'm always adapting and trying new methods of keeping my head & my time management in order, and lately I've gone a more DIY rout. I have a planner I've drawn into a sketchbook with my week-at-a-glance & my month-at-a-glance and while that is really lovely and working well for me, I'm still constantly finding these little notes I've added and written and pasted and scribbled everywhere on everything.
 And even though that all works for helping me find the bigger picture & get my week and month in order... It can get a bit lost with the day-to-day. Which, subsequently, is one of the main reasons I decided to create my own daily planner printout. :} (The other being I don't particularly care for most of the ones out there, hah.) And so far, this fits all of my needs.
My "MUST do today", my time-slots, my menu plan, any little chores around the house spot, and my "other" to-dos. (Because honestly not everything is a top priority everyday, right?)
Which is why I'm actually really excited to say that by Monday I hope to have all of the different colors of these up in the shop, so you can play with them too. Because I'm actually quite pleased with them & just love the idea of having something pretty to write it all down on that is still flexible & allows me to toss it out & print another. ;) What do you think? 
And just as a little side note, I wanted to pop in a little snippet of some goodies I'm making for the October It's Paper Dear stationery pack. (only one left, grab it quick!) These, like the planner, happened to be quite fun to make so I might end up making a bunch for the shop, too. Would you guys like to see more of how I made my stationery? Maybe I'll make a film :} 
Anyway, I'm off now, but in the meantime, what are you all doing this weekend? Relaxing? Working? Some combination like me? xo, 


  1. Too cute!
    What a cute way to stay organized. :3

  2. I find the same thing with trying to stay organized. No matter what I do, I always find little notes scribbled here and there. I've tried a few pre-made stationary style print outs, but I think I run into the recurring problem where it helps keep things organized in general, but isn't 100% my style of doing so. Yours actually really similar to the little notes I find writing myself, so I think I may have to convert and give it a try!

  3. That looks great Zie! Very pretty :) I love making lists, need it to kinda clear my head.
    Have a fun weekend!

    xx Susie


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