Tuesday, October 23, 2012

yummy in my tummy

Good morning, my darling ones :} I'm quite excited to share something yummy with you today! But first, how have you all been? How's your week going? Mine's been lovely, just really busy. But I actually find I have more energy and my mood is much improved. And I'm not 100% why, but I think it might have something to do with eating better again. This week marks my first week of Weight Watchers. I did it forever ago with my mom, but we're doing it again now. And I know that a lot of people get the feeling that it's this "old lady" thing and just silly and not worth it. Well, when mom and I did it the first time, it really helped us & we did really well. Especially mom. But I got sick & we got super busy, so we stopped going to the meetings & then we just let it all slip. But this time around, we are doing the online version & keeping each other accountable. That and I make it a point to tell my friends, so they keep me accountable as well. And while it's only been a week, I'm still excited and happy to say that I'm ready for this life change. To getting healthy again! :}Meanwhile, I honestly can tell the difference in my body. So with that being said, I've been experimenting with yummy, filling foods all week. And I really want to share some with you. Starting with today's yummy breakfast treat: waffle delight! :} When I woke up yesterday, I was really craving some waffles, but I remembered how high in points the syrup was. & I didn't want to put jam or butter on them. But with the new WW system, fruits & most veggies are 0 points, so you can pile those babies on & fill up on them, while not adding points. & Even if you're not counting points, this is a healthier but very filling option of a surprisingly quick, easy breakfast. :}

What you need: 
x3 fresh strawberries
x1 fresh banana 
x1 mixed grain frozen waffle (mine are from Trader Joes)
x1 tbsp of honey
Easy as 1, 2, 3...
1. pop waffle in the toaster
2. cut fresh fruit, layer on waffle
3. drizzle 1 tbsp of honey over the fruit

The entire thing took like 5 minutes, tops. & That's only because I can't ever figure out how to work my toaster & didn't toast it long enough, hah. But toaster-use-failure aside, such a wonderful way to start the morning :} 
But I'm curious, is anyone else doing WW or something like it? What kinds of recipes/tips have you found helpful? And what do you do to get your morning going? 
Hope you have a fabulous rest of your day, m'dears! xo, 


  1. Looks wonderful! You know you can also avoid syrup on pancakes by using applesauce? So good. :)

  2. I have done weight watchers before, it helped me lose weight for my wedding. But now I do slimming world cause I can eat as much lean meat, pasta, rice, fruit and veg as I like and it's all no points. I find this easier than weighing everything and working out individual points. Then you get 15 pts a day for everything else

  3. That looks soooo good, and you can eat this while on WW? BONUS! Ugh, I need to start eating healthier too, haha...



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