Thursday, November 1, 2012

Playing with Paper

Hello, dearlings! I hope you had a lovely Halloween! Mine was quite nice :} Meanwhile, I'm  happy to be moving on from that and focus on other things. Just too much of it for me this year, hah. Which is why I'd like to share the rest of my snail mail crafting goodies with you all. 
The other day I talked about some of my favorite or go-to crafting supplies & now I wanna show you some of the goodies I make with them. The first and easiest way I embellish any paper project is all of the different kinds of paper or decorative tapes.
 And then sometimes I like to add fun scrap papers and glue them on. Glue sticks are super easy and don't leave a mess, but I also like PVA glues, as well. And then, of course, doodle and noodle until you're happy with it. :}
 I also like playing with stamps and stickers. And I think you can tell that I'm a fan of the doodling :}
And I think one of the loveliest parts of sending letters is swapping goodies :} It's always fun to get sweet candies, paper goodies, and other darling things along with a beautifully written letter, from somewhere else in your country or even in the world. And the more and more I get into paper crafting and mail art, the more I realize how special these little packages to other people. So I figure, if it can brighten up a day that much, why not make it even better by making that letter the prettiest it can be :} 
And I know a lot of people have been asking me where I've gotten all of my penpals & if I'm ever nervous about starting up a new one, etc. I've used penpal world quite a few times & it makes it easier to narrow your search to specific ages (like I only penpal with 18+) and interests. But most of my current ones are actually folks that find me on Instagram, heh.  And of course, I always caution everyone to be very careful giving any personal information away on the internet. Just be safe, folks. We live in a crazy world. 
But what about you guys? Do you penpal? Have you ever done some kind of letter exchange? And what things are you crafting right now?
In other news, don't forget to enter the giveaway! & there are only a couple November It's Paper Dear boxes left, but you can also go ahead and buy some December boxes as well. They make fabulous gifts for someone special or even yourself ;)
Hope you have a wonderful day, my dearlings! :}


  1. What lovely mail! Any gal would be happy to receive that. Very cute stuff!

  2. I have penpals and I've started having them one year ago, of course through snail mail! I love getting cute stationary and write letters and of course, receiving a response back. It seriously brightens my whole day and I get really excited. I wish I had your skills to make personalized letters though!

  3. I recently started writing real letters again, thanks to blogging actually. I've found like minded people to be pen pals with.

    Feeling so inspired by this post to create even lovelier letters. Writing and reading letters are fun, but I have to admit that what I really love is the creative part plus sending/receiving small gifts.

  4. Such a pretty letter to receive! I always worry the post office won't get the letter delivered amongst all of the craftiness, haha.


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