Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello Monday: Inspiring Spaces

Happy Monday, my dears! I hope you had a wonderful weekend :} I myself had a lovely one & now I'm super excited about this week. Tomorrow's my only day of classes & then I'm going to be home for a few days and relax and craft and be silly with my family. Yay! But more on that later, for now, I want to share some little details from my workspace that keep me inspired. 
I'm a huge fan of adorable patterns, especially like this strawberry one :} I adore the colors & I recently hung this little yellow pom-pom strand across the top, and now I love it even more! :} 
And what does this pretty strawberry paper & yellow pom-pom combo make? Well, it's the backdrop for where my notes to myself go. I have color coordinated sticky notes for different things. Yellow is blog post ideas, blue is the big projects I need to do that day/week. Green are ideas for the shop, etc. & then there are a few little other odds and ends taped up there, of course. & all of this is framed with some of my collection of greeting cards, pretty packaging & other paper bits.
And then I have my little critters...Mr. Camel, Mr. Pug, & the little me character that my niece made me :} ...Along with my pop corn & pretty blue scallop cup, that this lovely lady got me, filled with my pens, brushes, etc. Two books I'm currently flipping through for work, my planner, my sketchbook & all those folders filled with nonsense. All of this helps me stay motivated, organized & help inspire me when I need it most.
What about you guys? What do you keep by you when you work to inspire and motivate you? Do you have a favorite poster or art piece? A little desk critter? Or a favorite candle smell that really just sets the mood? :}
Hope you have a wonderful rest of your Monday, my dears! xo,


  1. Beautiful! I love that wallpaper? it´s a cute place to get inspiration and work fine

  2. Super cute space! Love the pompom on the strawberry print.

  3. beauty workspace! I love the backdrop looks lovely!

  4. I wish my work space looked like this with all these sweet little things. I have a 'multi-functional' desk which is where I use my laptop, keep my jewelry, use as a dressing table and still try to do uni and crafty work on it. It ends up looking more like a dumping ground :(


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