Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello Monday: Warming Up

Happy Monday, my dearest ones. If your weekend was anything like mine, it was cold, cold, cold. I'm pretty sure I nearly froze to death a few times, heh. But lucky for me, my mom sent my roommates and I the best care package everrr. She sent us all lovely animal mugs and a ton of warm, yummy drinks. I love all the ones I've tried thus far, but I've probably had too many of these apple ciders. I'm not even sharing these ones with my roommates, ha! It's just too lovely. Boil some water, and pour it over the cider mix, then add a bit of honey! SO yummy. & it has this awesome magic ability to keep me warm & soothe my throat all at once. 
But what do you guys do to stay warm during the quickly cooling Fall? Do you have a hot cider recipe you'd like to share? I'd love to try some new ones :} 
Hope you all are well & have a fabulous day, my dearest ones. <3 

PS: The winner of the MissHappyPink give away....
Yay! Thank you everyone for playing! And if you didn't win, but still want to grab one of these little amazing cards and prints of hers: go, go, go! 

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  1. Well, here a few tips from Sweden (it's really getting cold here now...):
    First of all, I layer. Many layers, that is. No matter if I'm indoors or outdoors.
    Second, I go for fast walks and ride my bike. It really helps!
    And third, I drink ridiculous amounts of Early Grey tea with fresh ginger in. There's nothing better!

    If I had a bathtub I'd use that to keep me warm.


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