Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last Bits of Fall

Hello, my dearest ones! I know, I know... I've been missing for a few days. Things have just been crazy here for a couple days, with no sign of slowing. This time of year means two things for me: 1. everyone is gearing up for finals and there are tons of projects and papers, etc. to be done. 2. I'm desperately trying to cling to this wonderful fall weather. I've been taking walks through the nearby park, embracing my fall-colored clothes & drinking more and more hot drinks. Plus, our entire house smells like baked goods & other wonderful warm fall things. :} I'm just so happy. 
But I'm going to try and figure out how to better balance all the homework, work-work & blogging. So I'm going to try and go back to a more structured posting schedule at least for now. I've got so many things I want to do and try and change but just not enough time, hah.
But for now, back to hot drinks, warm coats, & beautiful leaves. :} Have a wonderful day, my sweet ones. 


  1. So wishing we had another month of fall too. Not ready for the cold and dreariness of winter.
    Your coat is cute. :)

  2. Good luck with your finals, mine are coming up soon as well - ah! Great photos nonetheless :)

    Angela @ the Lovely Cup

  3. Don't feel guilty about the blogging! As long as you are happy :-)


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