Friday, November 23, 2012

November's Big Reveal!

 Hello, my sweetlings! Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a wonderful day :} Mine was wonderful. Spent with family and eating some of the yummiest things. :} But anyway,  one of the things I'm thankful for this year, is to be able to share our fifth month of the big "It's Paper, Dear" reveals. Five months of you all being awesome and supporting this little business of mine. Thank you. 
And for those of you who do not know, It's Paper Dear  is my monthly subscription box dedicated to pretty things, paper things, and pretty paper things. Everything from lovely stationery to paper playing supplies. And as boxes went out this week, I'm excited to share this month with you all. Spoiler alert! If you haven't received your box yet & want to be surprised, don't read on! ;)
 This month I wanted to honor the more earthy colors & fall themes of November in America, while nodding to Thanksgiving, but again, not making a "themed" box. And I feel that this box balances that line quite well.
A little overview of the box, :} Showing one of the two variations of the journal this month, one of the variations of the pen, the embellishment packs, the sticky notes, and all of the paper pack goodies. 
This month, I brought back the  ribbontwine and paper-tape pack for wrapping a gift, adding a tag, lining a page in your scrapbook/smashbook, or decorating a letter to your pen pal. 
 And as last month, we introduced the "Stationery Shoppe", I wanted to continue that this month. There are two vintage styled postcards, two vintage styled greeting cards, some of my all time favorite recipe cards (so you can write down that wonderful dish your aunt makes), and some other lovely stationery goodies. :} 
 And then there are the embellishment packs. To go along with the theme of the November box, I wanted to play up some of the vintage Americana goodies by including these darling comic-book-esk punches and confetti. Which would be really fun to include in your letters, or maybe in a glassine envelope taped into your smashbook/scrapbook. :}
 And then this month, I'm quite excited to announce our featured artist: Wreck This Girl! I adore her blog, as she has everything from snail mail, to freebies, to DIY/tutorials, to her smashbook and her wreck this journal. So of course, I am quite excited to able to include one of her darling cards in the boxes this month. 
But be sure to stop over at her amazingly fun blogshop, and twitter
And for those of you who either missed out on this month or wanted to make sure you get your next month as well, make sure you pop on over to the shop and grab one quick! They're flying fast :} Also, just a side note, the three month option is back and as is a new six month option for anyone wanting to gift a subscription this holiday season. We are also now doing monthly payments for the bigger subscriptions, so if you want a three or six month option, but want to be automatically billed each month, vs all up front, please email and I will set that up for you via paypal! :}
And before we leave... a little preview of December's box

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day, my sweetlings! xo,


  1. The little "Polaroid picture" paper is probably my favorite thing out of all the boxes so far! And the journal is my favorite of all too.

  2. Thanks for the sweet words, Zie! It was an honour to be featured in your boxes, they're so amazing! I'm really looking forward to buy one for myself as soon as I have some spare money :D
    Keep up the good work <3


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