Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Something Strange: Gamer Girl

Happy Wednesday, my dearest ones! I hope you're having a lovely day :} Mine has been a significant improvement from yesterday. My dad came into town for business so I got to have lunch with him & it's always nice to see family after a rough day or so. 
Meanwhile, lately I've started to notice how all of the bloggers I read & other folks on the web seem to be these really normal doll-faces that have these perfect lives where their hair always works out lovely & they never do anything strange. And I find myself seriously doubting it. I'd bet nearly anything that every single one of those people has at least two really strange things about them. So over the next couple weeks, I want to share some strange things about me. Because I'd like to prove I'm not a robot. ;)
So first, I've recently found my old game collection & I'm started to get addicted again. Normally, I'm not a huge game girl. I like watching the games when my friends or dad play, since when I play, I get overly excited or nervous and end up dying really quick. But I've started to realize that I'm actually quite good at some of them. Like the zombie killing shooting game at Dave and Busters. I destroyed all of the boys, which of course, went straight to my head. Just saying, though. Zombie apocalypse comes to town, you want me on your team. ;)
But I still have my olddd game-boy color that still amazingly works & plays these awesome Zelda games. & then I've got an older DS, which I've recently bought two new games for. Dawn of Discovery I haven't played yet, as it JUST came in the mail. But the Alice in Wonderland game. Oh. My. Gosh. So fun. And yes, that is a light-saber stylus. 
Hah, see, I told you, something strange about me that you probably didn't know. But what about you guys? What is something strange YOU do/have/collect/etc.?  I think it'd be fun if we all talked about something strange on our blogs this month, so if you want to play with me, be sure to add your link below! :} 


  1. That Alice in Wonderland game looks so cool! I used to have those Zelda games and that Frogger game. Unfortunately I sold all my games when I first started out on my own, so I could pay my rent.

  2. I get obsessed with games, then forget about them for a while and then 'rediscover' them. I think I use my boyfriend's xbox more than him, haha. Prince of Persia is the last awesome game I played, I think. I could do that for hours. Also Castle Crashers, haha. So simple, sooo good. Same with the Pokemon games for my old gameboy. Good times. I wonder where it is now?

  3. ha, that is such a cool idea! I love gaming too, but I never call myself a gamer girl because then people start to expect I know storylines and strategies and stuff and basically I just like to shoot and fight things, haha.

    x Angie ||


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