Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's in My: Pencil Case

Hello, little bees! How goes your week? Mine's fine. Just getting ready for the craziness that is finals, my birthday, & getting ready for an early shipment of It's Paper Dear in time for the holidays. Meanwhile, it's Wednesday & I thought we might do one of those "What's in my..." posts. We haven't done that in a minute, heh. 
So there's always this burning question floating around that I see & get over and over: "What tools do you use?" This goes for crafting and for designing/drawing. I myself get asked what I use most in my illustration classes and what my standard "go-to" tools are. So I thought I'd share. 
 I have a large bag I take to classes & anywhere where I need to have my pencil case, because I actually carry quite a few things. First of which being my Martha Stewart scissors. I don't care what anyone else tells you or tries to sell you. These are the best scissors ever. Her entire line of different scissors is pretty awesome, but I like these because they're small enough to carry around.
And then yes, I carry a small amount of sequins in my pencil case. I love sequins and they are always lovely for brightening any gloomy day. :}
 I always like to have a double sided sharpie on me. I just really like writing with them.
But then I also really like the Copic Multiliner 0.5 for inking and writing in my sketchbook. I have a couple different sizes of these, but the 0.5 is my favorite.
As for pencils, I always get asked what the best drawing pencils are, etc. Honestly, I don't think you need to go out and invest in a 1,000 different pencils for any reason whatsoever. I either use a standard 4B or a mechanical pencil.
I've mentioned these Stabilo pens before & I'm going to talk about them again. I love these. They bring a nice pop of color to my notes and my sketchbook. And I have entirely too much fun doodling with them on every surface I can find. They're probably my favorite thing in my pencil case. 
 And then I use the gell-Souffle pens for funzies in my planner. They're kind of silly and take a minute to dry, but I love them.  & Here's the machanical pencil I mentioned earlier. This little guy came in a package from Japan and has cute little characters on it. <3
And lastly, paper tape. I'm sure I don't need to explain why that's in there, right? Right. ;)

And those are my go-to goodies. But I'm curious what everyone else uses? Do you have a different pen or pencil you just love? Do you have something strange (like the sequins) that you carry with you? 

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Hope you have a fabulous rest of your day, my darling ones!  


  1. I also love the stabilo pens :) you get such a great range of colors! I'd love to buy one of those giant sets with every color of the rainbow xx

  2. Woow All of them are so cute.. And this is a very good idea that maybe I will make this kind of post. What is in my pencil cese..:))
    I like it..
    All best wishes..:))

  3. I love that you always have paper tape on you at all times! That's amazing!

  4. Of course you have sequins in your bag. What girl doesn't? :)

  5. Pretty cool way of keeping up with your pencils !


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