Friday, December 14, 2012

Deep Breath

Holy, moly, kids. Finals are over & I can honestly say that I feel dead. My brain hurts and I don't want to do anything besides sleep and eat baked goods. I can hardly even remember what my own name is. Bleh. So in order to restart my brain, I've been looking at lots of pretty things in hopes that it helps. 
And as I'm going to spend the rest of the day cleaning my post-apocolyptic/finals house, I've been looking at pretty spaces to inspire me into cleaning and adding some new decorations. Because there's nothing better than having a wonderfully clean and inspiring space, right? 
For instance, if there was a way to convert this image into my bedroom/studio space, I would. I adore the bright, clean white space with the pops of highly saturated colors and delicate patterns. I feel like if you could look at my insides (on a normal day, at least) it would look remarkably like this. 

Also, this. Because that's awesome and I would love to create something like this. I've always wanted to have a bug collection & I think this would be a fun addition to that. 
Well, I'm going to spend a little while longer looking at pretty things and then hopefully get my life and brain back in order. But what about you guys? How's the real world going? And any tips on what fixes your life after some crazy stress and nonsense would be super appreciated, hah. Hope you are all well! xo, 

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  1. Post-apocalyptic/finals cleaning is such a relief. I know my house has become insufferable ><; That space is so pretty and such an inspiration!


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