Wednesday, January 16, 2013

blue blazer

Theres something to be said for a simple blazer. It's laundry day here in Nashville & that means I have nearly nothing cute to wear. Normally, I grab my last pair of pants (it's so strange to own pants, hehe. I'd gone three years without wearing them & now... BOOM pants all the time.) and a boring tee or tank and spend the day doing house chores. But I really wasn't feeling boring today, so here we are. Do you have something like the blazer to jazz up a simple, casual outfit? Have a wonderful day, sweetums, xo!


  1. Pretty! I have so many blazers but I never wear them... I should! This one is so pretty. (also love your hair hehe)

    Angie (

  2. Cute! Love your hair like this.
    I hope the first day of the semester was lovely.


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