Friday, January 25, 2013

edison & what's on my desk

My new iMac finally came!! :} I'm so completely excited it isn't funny. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful it is to not have to try and do all of my design and illustration work on a tiny little laptop screen anymore! YAY! & To actually be able to watch Netflix while I work... you guys. So excited. 
Meanwhile, with my new baby in place, (who's name is Edison, by the way) my desk is pretty much done at this point and so of course, I had to share it with you guys. 
I found some amazing fruit containers over at Target that are supposed to be for storing fruit in the fridge, but that's just no fun. So instead, I have buttons & pretty things in them. :} And then we have some of favorite pens & markers, my adorable desk calendar from the dear Paper Sparrow, Pugly, my little pet (since we can't have any at the apartment), and just some fun little things. 
But what about you guys? What do your desk/office spaces look like? Do you have a bunch of silly little things cluttered around the computer like I do? Or do you like the clean, uncluttered look? Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day, my sweet ones! xo


  1. I have My Little Pony dolls and a jar of pens by my PC. Anywhere I lay my laptop soon becomes a mini desk too..funny how I like zen, minimal spaces, but as soon as I start to work/blog, all the trappings I rely on follow me x

  2. Your craft/work area is very cozy, I like it!

  3. I have overloaded on kitsch and I love it!

    Sue xx


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