Saturday, January 5, 2013

gnome homes

Once upon a time, in my mother's craft room, a little gnome did live in a horrid dull house. Until one day, I decided that I wanted to use this little gnome's home to decorate my bookshelf. So I painted it white, then mint, then green, then this lovely pink and topped it off with glitter. And the little gnome was so excited about his new little house, he gladly let me put him on my bookshelf. 
Ma & I have been working on these little houses off and on for a week now, and I'm loving them. This was the first one I did & I have a couple more in the works. They're so much fun! I think when I finally get back into Nashville and get these little guys settled down, I'll share a post about where they ended up & how I made them. Super easy and I think they'll be fun to have out all year. 
But what about you? Do you collect little houses? &  I'm curious what you're working on right now? Crafts, DIYs, etc.? Have a lovely day, my sweet ones, xo!


  1. very cute ! , I wish I was crafty , I have no real hobbies at home, mine are all physical activities

  2. Oh! So, fun and cute!
    I definitely hope you share more.
    I'm working with crochet, working on a felt pillow, and I have a few other projects I've been thinking up and putting down on paper.

  3. Hey, I am working on making fun things out of shrink plastic to go onto phone charms and jewellery and things! I have a week off until university starts again so am making the most of the free time! this house is very cute! my best friend would love it, lime green and pink are her favourite colours :)

    josie x

  4. I found your blog via The Better Blogger Network and oh my gosh, it's cuteness, sweetness and your absolutely lovely way of writing drew me in. I LOVE IT!!! New follower here, for sure. :D I love love love little houses and miniature anything. I have a collection of miniature Budai that I love. <3 I really want to collect fairy, gnome, etc. houses, a Halloween village and a Christmas village. Plus, I want to create a miniature garden!


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