Monday, January 28, 2013

good morning, my little bird

I always start my day with a cup of coffee or tea. So I feel that as it is pretty much always the first thing I do every morning, it should be a ritual that is pretty and sets a good mood for the day. Which is why I fully support having lots of sassy, pretty, and inspiring cups. It's actually kind of silly how many cups I have (these are just some of my favorites). They take up an entire shelf in my cupboard, hehe. My roommates and I even have had to make a deal that none of us are allowed to buy anymore cups, but no one said anything about me finding them, hehe. The newest cup added to the collection was actually something I found in my school that I gobbled up. (Yes, yes, I washed it like three times, don't panic.) So I don't think it counts. ;) 
But anyway, my current favorite is the little yellow tea cup from Anthropologie. It has the sweetest little illustration of a pair of blue birds & you just can't be sad when you've got them to wake up to. But what about you guys? Do you have any morning rituals to set a good mood for the day? Do you have any silly little collections? Do you have a favorite tea/coffee cup? Hope you have a darling day, dears! xo 


  1. EEEE!!! I really would LOVE a coffee mug collection. It's one of my goals, to start one! Right now I just have one mug, a GIGANTIC Dunkin Donuts one that I won!!!

    I would love to create a little morning ritual with coffee, a tarot card drawing and some yoga or stretching.

  2. I am a coffee mug collector of sorts... but not in the way you are. I more like to collect funny, weird, or awkward mugs found at thrift stores. This one is my current favorite:

    I use it for my morning coffee every day because it's rather large and charming. :)

    The all-time WEIRDEST mug I've ever found is this one:

    BECAUSE WHAT *IS* THAT. Anyway, your collection is absolutely delightful! Makes me want to start collecting the cute ones, too. ;)

  3. Love the yellow cup! So cute. I collect teapots myself, but love cups too :)

  4. Ooh I collect mugs too! and tea bags from around the world... too far? x) my favorite is peppermint tea with brown sugar xx

  5. Your teacup collection is so pretty!


  6. I have a few cute ones, but omg, you collection is lovely! You've inspired me, I want to photograph my little collection now too :)

  7. What a sweet bluebird teacup! I collect mugs/teacups too - they're just the right amount of functional and sentimental (I have a mug from every major place I've been - Hakodate, Disneyland, ones my Dad has brought me from his travels, etc.)

  8. What beautiful cups. My favourite mug right now was a gift from my husband, the mug is actually pretty hideous with a big picture of a moose on it and the words "I moose wake up", but I love it as he always make my first cup of tea of the day in it.

    Kate x

  9. oh all those mugs are so so lovely! i'm also a mugaholic!


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