Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello Internets

Good evening, darlings. Classes started today & one of my new jobs as well & so of course, I'm trying to readjust to having school/work and blogging, etc. Bleh. Is that transition so hard for everyone else? Meanwhile, I wanted to share some of the lovely things I found on the internets recently. :}
This. I love space and science in general. And I feel like a lot of people don't really understand or know about the nerdier side of me. Which, I find to be quite funny as it ends up taking 69.87% of my existence. :3
I cannot think of a more fitting quote for my life currently. Liz Taylor knows my life. 
I'm really interested in creating pieces like this. Crafty, sassy, artsy. With pretty colors and glitter, of course. 
 Ok, this. Forever this. You should read the entire article, because she has lots of lovely things to say, but the bit about experimenting with hair really applies to me right now. I've been bouncing the idea of a huge hair change for a long while now & I think she's finally just pushed me over the edge. I adore this shade of hair & I'd love to have this in at least part of my hair. Because let's get real here. It's just hair. It grows back, it can be dyed back, etc. I'm so excited to do it! BLAHHHH. 
But what about you, my dears? What things are you looking at right now? Thinking about any big changes like hair, etc.? Have a lovely rest of your evening, sweetums, xo! 

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