Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Monday Inspiration: Geo Shapes & Work Spaces

If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you've seen little snippets of me trying to reorganize and sort through my room/office/studio space the last few days. And while that's going well, I've hit a bump and needed a bit of inspiration to pull through the last bit and get it done. And I'm really finding that in these wonderful spaces & shapes and I thought that if this was helping motivate me to get my work done, then maybe it might help others as well. 
There's just something so awesome about the intricate and almost delicate lines of some of the shapes, next to the bolder colors that work so well in these designs and spaces that are motivating and calming all at once for me. It's like they motivate me to work, but help me keep my mind clear, if that makes sense. What do you think? Do they do that for you? Or what kinds of spaces and designs do you like to surround yourself with? Have a fantastic Monday, my dears, xo!


  1. Great inspiration board! Fresh and fun!

  2. Love the lit up star in the space on the bottom. Can't wait to see your work space all redesigned.

  3. Oh my gosh, those are all beautiful - and inspiring! I find surrounding myself with little stuff I love, collectibles, etc. and posters, a calender, magick inspired stuff, colors... all inspire me greatly! I also love a warm, nature-y, loving space with my love by my side and the fur, feather and fin babies close.


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