Friday, January 4, 2013

illustration friday: new

This is Cat. Cat has a new peter pan collar and she's quite fond of it. 
I'm trying to teach myself how to use photoshop to doodle. I swear I used to know, but goodness, I feel like it's gotten harder. Anyway, I'm really liking the texture of this brush I found. I'd like to figure out how to use those brush packs I see all over the webernets, but alas, technology makes my head hurt. But what about you guys? Any new things you're trying to learn? Have a lovely day, xo. 


  1. How sweet, a real charming sketch. It looks heaps better than what I could make in photoshop. I'd like a drawing tablet though to have a god myself, a mouse is too challenging!

    I'm hoping to learn how to turn pencil sketches into digital drawings - creating bolder lines etc... then to hopefully use my designs for hand crafted projects. Just takes practice I suppose!

  2. Ooh, I just want to pet her! And have smart conversations over a cup of tea... She looks like she could do that;)

    And I feel your pain. I often convince myself that I just can't do it, while it usually proves to be a lot easier than I thought when I just sit down and try it.
    This is one of my 2013-goals as well. I've had a bamboo pad for over year now, I think it's time I learned how to use it properly.

    Anyway, a very happy new year! I hope it'll be filled with a lot more of these cute doodles:)

  3. Ah! Gorgeous. I love the simplicity and texture and those pink spots on the cheeks!

  4. Um, SO beautiful that I just died. xo

  5. The brush sets are actually really easy to use! You just need to search for your Adobe Photoshop program files folder, open it, click the presets folder, click the brushes folder, then copy and paste your brush set from the internet into there. To open them in Photoshop, go to your brushes and you can pick them from where you normally choose brushes.


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