Saturday, January 12, 2013

sassy cat.

Did you doubt that I'd have a tiger sweater and bright red pants? Or that I'd wear them together? Because let's face it. It's comfy, silly & obnoxious and I cannot think of a better combo for going out for a full day of business shopping and errand running. 
The sweater was actually a thrift find by my sister for $2.50. And after serious amounts of begging, she finally gave it to me, yay! I feel that everyone needs one of those "hey, pay attention to me" outfits & I can't think of a more eye-catching batch of silliness to have fun in. Do you have an outfit that makes you laugh and feel all sassy in? Hope you're having a wonderful day, my sweetest darling faces, xo. 


  1. Gah! I am not sure that anyone else could make this look cute, but you manage. Love the second photo.

  2. I am so jealous of your tiger sweater..... It is amazing. <3


  3. I think this combo is absolutely perfect! It's super cute!

  4. Such an awesome combo! I'm so jealous of that sweater <3


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