Thursday, January 24, 2013

strange ways

So the other day, I got an odd question over on Tumblr. A lovely gal saw this post, where I mention that I really want to do something crazy to my hair, and we started talking about different ways to play with hair. She asked what silly or strange things I do to mine while I'm waiting to color it. And the strangest thing I could think of was that sometimes, for giggles mostly, I'll put rollers in my hair to see the different kinds of crazy curls I can play with. Last time, I twisted my hair and then rolled it into the small little curlers & let it dry over night. Let's just say that Shirley Temple ain't got nothin' on me. >.< Between my naturally curly hair & these tight little ringlets... It was horrid. So this time, I didn't twist them before rolling them & used the larger rollers. Much better. Big, soft waves that were fun to play with. And much smoother then my normal super frizzy, curly hair. Have you tried rolling your hair before? What kinds of things do you do to jazz it all up a bit? Hope you're having a wonderful day, m'dears, xx! 


  1. You look adorable with the rollers in your hair! I wonder if my hair would hold the curls if I tried rolling it..I have very straight hair~

  2. I'm a little late to the party with this one, but I've actually been playing with the "headband curls" phenomenon--and it's fantastic. My hair has stubborn waves that only show up when THEY want to show up, and headband curls are SO easy. I've honestly been doing them almost every night for the past week.

  3. First, how can you look so stinkin' cute with rollers in your hair??
    Second, for those gals that want curls try some setting lotion before rolling the hair. You can find setting lotion in various places, but a beauty supply shop would be best. That will also help you get the old style curls. :)

  4. I love having some curl in my hair!!!

  5. Those pink rollers look too cute. However hard I try I just cannot get my hair to curl - and if I do manage a wave it drops out within minutes!

    Kate x


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