Saturday, January 26, 2013

what i'm reading

This year's resolution has been to read 15 books. And while that doesn't sound like a lot to most people, I've sadly not been reading very much at all in the past couple years, so I wanted to update everyone and share two books I'm currently reading. I feel it's important to post these little updates so you guys can hold me accountable and make sure I actually reach my goal, heh. 
The first book, The Devil in the White City...Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed America by Isaac's Storm, was assigned in my World Civ 2 class & it's about the serial killer H.H. Holmes and is incredibly fascinating. I'm not very far in it yet, as I'm pretty busy with other things right now, and our paper on it isn't due until the end of the semester, heh. But thus far, I'm quite a fan. 
My second book, The Ancient Alien Question by Philip Coppens. I'm a huge fan of the television show Ancient Aliens on History 2, and Philip Coppens was one of my favorite guys on there and he just passed away right after I got the book. Which makes me very sad. But that aside, it's actually a really good book and quite interesting. 
I can already hear the questions..."Aliens, Zie? Really? You don't believe that crap do you?"  I get them all the time, hah. And I'll just go ahead and tell you while I don't believe 87% of the stuff on the show or in the book, it is a fun idea to entertain and I'll happily keep watching and reading. 
But what about you guys? What are you reading right now? I'm almost done with the one & will want to replace it pretty quickly. So share your favorites, please! :3 Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day, sweet ones! xo


  1. My aim is only 4 books! I read a grand total of 2 last year. It's so sad! I used to gobble books up in a matter of days but now I just don't have time.


  2. I'm currently reading Matched by Ally Condie! I love Stolen by Lucy Christopher. I greatly recommend it :)


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