Monday, January 21, 2013

what's your work routine like?

I'm always interested in other people's work routines. I guess it goes alongside wanting to see what planners/schedulers people use & what their office/studio looks like. It has always been something that fascinates me. So I thought, it'd be kind of fun to share my work routine with you all, in hope that you'll share yours, heh. 
First things first. A cup of coffee, usually pretty strong with entirely too much sugar. Tea is an afternoon//evening thing, but coffee... Coffee starts the day. 
And from there it mainly depends on the day. But for the most part, I spend a brief period of each morning flipping through & gathering inspiration for that day. Things like reading my favorite blogs, flipping through pinterest, twitter, tumblr, etc. And normally, during my "breaks" I'll flip through again, just to keep the momentum going. 
And then between my planner, Evernote & all my sticky notes, I keep my thoughts, blog posts, plans, home work, work schedule, etc. pretty locked down. 
But then of course, there's the matter of keeping focused. Which for me, I'm one of those people that has to have something going on in the background or my brain runs wild & I cannot focus on anything for the life of me. So I'm a spotify & pandora girl, for the most part. It's just nice to be able to listen to new tunes whenever. And then of course, I'm always down for an extremely nerdy documentary on aliens, space, or anything history related. They're great for background while drawing, or writing, etc. 
But what about you guys? What do you do to keep focused? And the best part: what's your work routine like? :3
Hope you have a wonderful day, my sweet ones, xx! 


  1. Super cute coffee cup. :) Must be a thrift find?
    My work as you know entails spending entirely too much time on the internet sourcing super cute new products for my shop and keeping up with craft world trends, taking lots of photos, editing said photos, listing new items, answering emails, and shipping packages. Occasionally I spend some creative time coming up with new designs and kits. Wish there was more of that in my routine.

  2. I also start with caffeine! For me that's usually coffee with creamer and sugar (I love vanilla caramel creamer!), iced Southern Sweet black tea or Crystal Light's energy juice packets. I check my e-mail, look through and delete advertisements, store announcements, etc. and star all of my important e-mails like advertising, comments, blog newsletters, personal e-mails, etc.

    From there I'll do a blog post, write my to-do list for the day, comment on other blogs and also become inspired. My inspiration is Jen, our babies, colors and color combos, deviantART, Tumblr, nature... The entire world around me, really!

    I put together collages of products, blog posts and articles. I contact advertisers and grab their info for guest posts, giveaways and/or their meet n' greet on my blog and than the rest of the day I do the same, over and over. ;) I also game, clean the room, do laundry, do the dishes, while Jen does the same with me. We're a fabulous team!

    I don't really "work", my blog IS for profit but there isn't much profit going on, yet blogging is both my hobby and hopefully one day my actual job with a steady source of income (ya never know!) so I treat it as such!

  3. Absolutely love your coffee mug.

    My work routine has changed incredibly over the last couple of months. I am no longer dashing from the school run to the office and then the reverse, as I am now at home blogging instead (well just starting out really!).

    My day most definitely starts with coffee, blogging, a run if I am feeling energetic (and it is not raining!), a bit more blogging and a bit of housework and baking in between.

    Looking forward to keeping up with your blog on Bloglovin.

    Kate x


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