Monday, February 11, 2013

another pretty, pretty planner

I know, I know... "Zie. Seriously, how many planners does one girl need?" Well, I'm going to say two. I still use my Frankie for the weekly, especially keeping up with due dates, meetings, appointments, etc. But it was really hard for me to fit all of what was due & my to-do lists in the small little spaces. So I grabbed this lovely little planner  for the more "daily" part of planning, including to-do lists, ideas, etc. Thus far, I've found that it really helps for keeping up with things. Even if I'm sure this now makes me one of those crazy OCD ladies heh. But hey, at least I decorated this one a bit, yes? hehe
Am I the only one out there that does this? Or does someone else feel the way about planners & journals that I do? Hope you have a wonderful day, m'dears! xo


  1. I am pretty sure I love planners more than most other things... so I understand your need for more :) This one is too cute!

    Angela @ the Lovely Cup

  2. Guilty. I love planners and notebooks. I tend to think that if I buy a new one, I will get super organized 'just like that'. Hasn't helped me yet, but I love the feeling of opening up a new notebook and start filling it out.

  3. OH GIRL. I buy every single cute notebook or planner I ever ever see. They're my favorite things in the WORLD. xoxoxo

  4. I love planners so much. You can never have too many!


  5. Oh I really love planners and journals! Yours is truly a cute one and I also prefer using cute ones ;)


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