Friday, February 1, 2013

bold, bright, borderline obnoxious

It's been raining here in Nashville quite a bit the last little while. And nothing is more depressing then when everything is dull and grey, especially what people wear on days like these. Everyone wears dark, heavy colors and I'm not even sure why. I myself have done it quite a few times. But today, I wanted to dress more to my mood rather than the weather. Enter: bold, bright, borderline obnoxious colors. :} Purple shoes, a vintage yellow button up with lovely puffy shoulders, a bright blue skirt & my current favorite necklace.  I wonder if I'm the only silly one that dresses strangely when it rains, heh. 
What do you wear during rainy weather? And how do you glam up a dull day? Hope you have a fabulous rest of the day, m'dears!  


  1. I think its so amazing that this was the first winter when they made cozy clothing in BRIGHT colors instead everything being black, brown, or grey! So rock the obnoxiously bold colors, anything that helps to warm the season with the dreary winter clouds!


  2. This is so gorgeous! I love wearing bright colours on boring days!


  3. You look absolutely fabulous. Perfect way to cheer yourself and others up xx

  4. Love your pumps, such a cute colour.

    Kate x

  5. Loveee this outfit! You always look so adorable. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day dear! xoxo


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