Wednesday, February 20, 2013

fall & spring

I really miss fall time. It's warm and cozzy, but you still get to play outside in a cardigan. 
Every winter, there's that period of fuzzy excitement where you're hopeful for snow and warm blankets and tea time and all things lovely. That's the easy part of winter. But then after the months keep going and the cold keeps sinking deeper and deeper into your warm blankets, there comes the dreaded winter blahs. You can hardly remember what it's like to be warm, and your darling snow either didn't come or has been replaced by endlessly rainy days. And for me, during times like these, I like to dress in bright, bold florally patterns and surround myself in all things spring-like. Just to remind myself that the cold does go away and warmer days of driving with the windows down, picnics and cool drinks are coming. And it quite helps. So here's to a speedy return of warmth and flowers and birds singing! But what do you all do to fight off the winter blahs, sweetlings?

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  1. I totally agree with this post , the winter is nice the first couple weeks but after that give me the nice warm weather !



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