Saturday, February 2, 2013

happy february

It's a little late... but happy February, dear ones! This month, I'll continue to listen to a lot of Billie Holiday, Julie London & Ella Fitzgerald, while hopefully doodling more often. I also really, really want to bake more and start embroidering again. What are your plans for this month? & What are you currently listening to?  Hope you have a fantastic day, my sweetlings, xo. 
(ps: this is a photo of my dad when he was a little guy && a doodle I found in the hallway at my school.)

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  1. That doodle is adorable! Or potentially really sad, but I'm choosing the first option. This month I'm going to start crocheting a sofa blanket I want to give to someone as a present. Phew, a bit of a daunting task since this will be the first thing I'll crochet that's bigger than a pan collar, but it's made up of little squares, so if I can just make about 5-6 a week it'll be done on time ^^; I'm currently listening to a lot of Noah and the Whale (in particular the ukulele version of Shape of My Heart) and Gotye.


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