Friday, February 8, 2013

oh my darlin', oh my darlin'

Normally, this time of year, I try to avoid all things pink, red, or heart related. I've never really been a HUGE fan of Valentines day, something about commercializing "love" never really sat well with me. But this year, I don't know, I guess it has to do with my sudden love of pink & hearts & all things kitschy and cute that has made me quite a bit excited this season. I'm still not huge in to how commercialized it all is, I would rather celebrate love everyday vs. one day a year, you know? But I'll enjoy making Valentines for people & wearing pink & just being extra ridiculous this next week, hehe. But what about you guys? Do you celebrate Valentines? Do you have any plans for the next week or just the day of? Any fun Valentine-crafts planned? I can't wait to share some of things I'll be making! :3 But I hope you have a wonderful day, my sweetlings! xo


  1. eeep, cute! i really love the tulle net teddy ;)

  2. I hate you and I love you for posting that amazing looking Krispy Kreme ad. I'm off sugar for this month and I'm DYING!!! They look so good.

  3. I'm exactly the same, I'm really on and off with Valentines day, one year I love it and the next I can't stand it! All these things look so pretty though!

    Sophie at xxx

  4. Too pretty, the cupcakes look amazing.

    Kate x

  5. Its my birthday on Valentines day! Extra special! :) x - personal blogs.


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