Saturday, March 23, 2013

ladies in fine dresses

Spring break is almost over, sadly. I'll be headed back home tomorrow and while I miss my bed, I'm not quite ready to go. I'd much rather stay here, snuggle with my puppy, watch crime shows with mom, have sass-fests with dad, and play. I'd love to keep crafting and relaxing, it's been lovely. 
Plus, now with the end of break looming, I really have to start cracking down on the rest of the semester. I have tons of school projects, work and we are desperately trying to find a new apartment. Bleh. Being a grown-up can really be a bum sometimes. 
For now, though,  I'll keep looking at pretty things and staying as goofy as possible. Meanwhile, I feel like we haven't really had a good chat in a while, dear ones. So tell me how you are and what's going on in your little world? Hope it is all lovely and rainbows, xo! 
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  1. Goodness, I feel you on the whole having to transition back to school mode after spring break. This week was my first week back to school and it has been filled with busy stuff.

    I miss having more free time, time with family, and time to craft freely. But, this weekend I was at least able to crochet two newborn hats and a headband I designed. It is nice to be able to create a little as time allows!

    I like this post and the pictures. =)


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