Monday, March 4, 2013

Polka Dotty

La-te-dah! There's always something about a good polka-dot that I just adore. I often have to stop myself from doubling up on the polka-dots, hehe. I could honestly wear them every day. It's even so bad that anyone who goes shopping with me just knows if there is something in the store with polka-dots, then I'll just have to try it on.
And then I probably have to buy it, hehe. (I don't know if you guys are getting it yet, but I have quite a few addictions and apparently I'm just going continue to use my blog to talk about them, hehe.) But anyway, I'm quite fond of this outfit. It's enormously simple, with similar colors, and easy layering. But the pattern of the polka-dot and the texture of the belt just mixes it up just enough to keep it from being too dull. (At least, I think so, heh.) 
But I will say, if there's one thing I'm absolutely lost on, it's my hair. I never know what to do with it. And now that I'm attempting to let it grow out, it's this really awkward length, without layers, and just bleh. Does anyone have any cute and super easy hair-styling tips for medium length (and normally very curly) hair? Maybe I'll share some of my favorites on the blog next week? 
And I'm also curious if anyone else has a pattern they love as much as I love polka-dots? Please say yes, hehe. Have a wonderful rest of your day, my dears! KIRK OUT. 
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  1. I love anything quirky printed really and I'm quite the pattern clasher. Florals with leopard print, polka dots with animals printed, it's all good to me.

  2. You're adorable!
    Looks like your moved your room around a bit..looks cute! (and I love the banner above the window!)

  3. I love polka dots! But I prefer them in red and navy blue and they have to be tiny dots. I don't like the big polka dots. Ok, I'm a picky polka dotted lover. Hahaha.

    I think your hair is fine but I do agree with the "I never know what to do with it" because I'm having the same dilemma. I end up cutting my hair and... err, though it looks nice, it still doesn't compliment my face shape.

  4. you are just too cute--seems you have always loved to play dress up :}

  5. I don't know how to do my hair either. But I never have, no matter what length it is. That's kind of why I own so many hats. And you're adorable as always. I love the all-black on the bottom with color on the top.

  6. Amazing outfit! So lovely:)

  7. super cute!! I was wondering the "hello" banner above the window. Did you make it? or If I may be able to purchase anywhere? Also Do you do custom illustrations? And are you taking any new penpals? Sorry all the questions! LOL

    Thanks, Bee


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