Friday, May 31, 2013

Pampering zeh Princess

It's been a stressful few months, and as such, some intense pampering is highly overdue. Now, I'm by no means an expert on beauty products. I'm pretty cheap and once I find something that works (-ish?) I stick with it until someone else comes along and is like, "uh, Zie... that crap is so bad for you. Use ____." And normally, those people are my roommates. However, I'm now solo (yay!) and don't really have any one there to tell me about new products or what's better, etc. you know? So I thought that perhaps we could be blog-mates and share our goodies and see what (if anything) might be a bit better without breaking bank? Yes? La! <3 
I quite like Aveeno, actually. I have super delicate skin and breakout easy and just bleh. But Aveeno is pretty easy on my skin, leaves it soft & isn't bad price-wise at all. You can snag it just about anywhere which is also really nice, that way you can find coupons. I also like using the pads for cleansing, just because I feel like I'm getting my skin cleaner. Probably not scientifically founded, but hey--- so far so good, yeah? But what about you? What are you using? Have you tried this? Like/love/hate?
Ok, ok. Essie isn't that cheap. But you guysss. Forever my favorite nail-polish. The colors are amazing (this one is my favorite red, "geranium") and they stay pretty well. Again, can be snagged just about anywhere and last forever. Though, I know I heard something about animal testing? But I researched it as best I could and couldn't find anything saying that besides silly non-reliable gossip tweets. But does anyone know for sure? Or know where I could actually find that info? Danks, <3
Since I go to Watkins College, I was completely blown away when I found this line of products. My school is tiny and for a minute I thought it might be related? Nah, but it's still cool. They have house cleaning and beauty products and while I've yet to try the home line, I do use the hand soap, body scrub and body lotion. LOVE. I've never found a scent of theirs I didn't like, which is seriously amazing. Plus all the packaging is simply beautiful. So win, win, I'd say. 
I'm not sure if this is the huge secret I think it is, but mighty! NO one here seems to know about it, and it's actually a bit pricey (for me the cheapo-- it's actually just like $20-$25 for a good sized tube), but it has lasted forever and is seriously amazing. Normally I'm super lazy about styling my hair, but I've started putting this in after I shower all of the time now, and it just works really well with my natural curl, smoothing and softening, without making it crunchy. Pure GOLD.  
But there it is folks. Just a few products I use pretty regularly, especially on nights where I'm primping and relaxing. Scrub, style, paint, happy happy girl. Do you use any of these? Have you tried? Found something else you like better? Please do share, and I'll try and share responses in a later post! :] 
But for now, back to primping and reading. (No, I still haven't finished this dang book yet, bleh... but I'ma try this week!) I hope you have a wonderful day, my sweetlings and all rainbows and pretty things your way! xo
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  1. Where did you find the "pillow soft curls"?
    I like Essie nail polish for the price range, but do prefer some nail polishes that cost a little more. They just don't seem to compare.
    For lotion, I LOVE Lancome's Nutrix Royal Body in the repairing cream. It is great, and smells amazing. I aslo like plain old vanilla body cream by Bath and Body's VERY moisturizing.


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