Monday, June 17, 2013

Blogging As A Tool

Hello, sweetums. I know, I know. It's been another long while. But while I HAVE been really busy, I am going to be really honest with you guys. I just don't wanna blog anymore. I mean, not really. I'm really struggling with creativity and business in general right now and especially with blogging.
And I was thinking "I wish blogging was as easy and/or as fun as sharing things on instagram and twitter are." Then I realized that that is probably the silliest thing I've ever thought. Why shouldn't blogging be fun, easy, and quick? Why do I feel like I have to struggle to come up with content? Especially when I look at my twitter or my instagram or heck, even just my photos on my phone. A lot goes on in our life: good, bad, funny, hilarious, embarrassing, moving, thrilling, emotional. And when you really stop to think about it, how much of that do we post quickly in outlets like Facebook or twitter, but never on our blogs? I mean, do you guys even know what my job(s) are outside of a small business owner?

I currently work full time at my school's community education outreach for children. I'm the summer camp assistant and office assistant. I manage a group of high school interns & run around after kids aging from 5-10 & then in the other group 11-13. I go into work at 8:30 am & leave around 7:30 pm; Monday through Friday. 
And I could (and probably will) talk to you guys for DAYS about these kids. Every day is something new and there is never a dull moment. But you guys would have no idea about any of that. Why? Because there's this filter between "real life" and "blog life".

So over the past two weeks, I've been reading articles and other blog posts and thinking about why blogging made me miserable. Because I like YOU... but blogging itself, has become a chore that I dread. 
And what I've realized is that I was using blogging as a tool. A strict routine, specific topics, withheld personality, and following these predetermined guidelines… well, all of that sucked the fun right out of it. I don't want another tool. I want an outlet. I want a playground. I want to tell you guys about how obsessed I am with Once Upon a Time right now & how I watch reruns of Ancient Aliens so frequently I know all the words to some of the episodes. Because I love aliens and I just really, really want to believe.

And I think what ModCloth did with their blog really is just brilliant. It's no longer their "blog" but their "story." And to me, that's it exactly. That's gold. 
I want to play and draw pictures and tell stories and build this relationship with you that makes this fun again. I want to tell you about my crappy day that was only made bearable by the most adorable little girls at my work & my cat. I want to make this real life. Not a diary, of course, but an open and developing and real dialogue and relationship with my blog and me and you guys.
Basically, I'm just really ready to have fun and make this an outlet for creativity again and not worry about stats and hits and numbers and if this is helping properly promote, blah blah blah. But enough of all that, I think. For now, I want us to start over. Hi, I'm Zie and I like crafts, office supplies, my cat & aliens. Nice to meet you. <3 
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  1. Brilliant post. There are alot of bloggers who get into this weird set routine with their posts and it feels like they have lost the heart for blogging in the race for earning money.
    I have always loved your blog and I cant wait to how your blog develops <3 x

  2. This is such a lovely post! I had neglected my blog for some time before just thinking...I'm just going to blog what I want, when I want. I get stuck for content but I don't ever feel like I HAVE to think of something - it's not worth blogging if you're not in it whole-heartedly! xxx

  3. Sounds wonderful, it shouldn't be a chore to blog. Hello Zie, nice to meet you (again) <3

  4. Hi Zie,

    I think me and you are very alike, especially when it comes to our blogs! I too took a recent long 2 month break from blogging, it felt like a chore, I had no ideas, I had blog envy from all the other brilliant blogs out there, but really I just wanted to talk about my crappy day too, tell you all about some shampoo or lipstick I'm obsessed about and all that jazz!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new posts - just be you! Like you, I also work a very busy full time job and only get to engage in all my fun crafty stuff after hours....sometimes I'm too tired and then I feel like a terrible human being for not doing the stuff I love!!

    Dont worry, you're not alone! xxx

  5. love this post ! that's what blog is, an outlet . I don't write much but I do write something !

  6. I personally love when people blog about their everyday lives. Some times I'm even guilty of scrolling through their post about their outfit or other generic post and skipping to the part where they talk about their lives because I find it so much more interesting! I feel like you get a real idea of whose blog your reading and you get genuine input. It's fun to see what people do in their spare time in their home towns, or what they made for dinner, or what they're reading/watching/listening to because then it encourages me to try those things to! I enjoy your blog so much and would love to hear about your "real life" :)

  7. Hey! Love your post! That's exactly what blogging should be : a story. When I blog, I usually give a personal tone to my subjects. I find it so much more fun! Anyways, I'll follow you in your "real life" now. I love your blog <3. Bisous!

  8. Such a great blog post, personally I love bloggers who post about their everyday life's, rather than stick to a strict routine. Its fun and you always get to read something different etc.
    Good luck and I hope blogging becomes something you love all over again.


  9. Too true- I got a real headfunk recently about blogging- like another thing dependent upon me to take care of it. A week of media silence on hols in France kicked me back in shape, and now it's quality rather than quantity....after all I wouldn't want every photo I took to go in an album.

    The lack of other interaction is also tricky, you can feel quite alone whereas ig etc are instantly chatty and reassuring.
    Sticking with it xx

  10. I just found your blog and I'm totally smitten. And this post was exactly what I needed today, thank you. :)

    xo Becky


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