Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Introducing Napoleon!

 It's been a long time coming (nearly three weeks now!), but I would like to introduce someone very special today. Guys, meet Napoleon. Napoleon, meet the gang. :D 

This sweet little thing was actually snagged from my grandparents farm about three weeks ago and I'm so happy to finally share him with you all. Now, if you've been following along on twitter or instagram, you know I've become a disgustingly devoted cat mom overnight, hehe. But even if you do follow along on either of those, I wanted to share some new (and old) photos of my little guy and tell you about how we met. :} 
Napoleon has two brothers and sisters, whom are completely white & quite attached to one another. Napoleon was the "runt" and the only one with spots and kind of cast to the side. But he was supposed to be my oldest niece's kitten, ergo: off limits. But as I started playing with all three, it was Napoleon that crawled into my lap and promptly fell asleep. I knew I had been picked & there was nothing I could do about it. (Not that I put up any kind of a fight, mind you.) But like I said, he was for my niece. But out of her want of him to go to a really good home, she gave him to me. And three (almost four) weeks later, I'm so happy she did. I love this little booger more then previously possible. 

We spend most of our time together playing or cuddled up sleeping. He sleeps in my bed, rides on my shoulder (like a parrot, hah!), and meows and runs around my feet when it's time for me to hold him. I have an entire folder on my phone of Napoleon "baby photos". He has a basket full of silly toys, and eats like a grown man. And he is currently jumping up onto the coffee table to eat my fake plants as we speak. (Which is why I made sure to snag some fake ones from Ikea, so he couldn't eat something dangerous for him.) Basically, I turned into a disgusting devoted cat mom and I'm not even upset about it. Though, I do know that I can't have a kid now, because if I loved anything on this planet more than this little guy, I'd accidentally smother it to death with love. So kitty mommy fo life, yo. 
I'm sure Napoleon will be on here regularly, but if you want more frequent kitty updates, check twitter & instagram. <3 Meanwhile, do you have pets? What kind? Are they your children like mine is? hehe 
Hope you are well and have a wonderful day, my darlings! xo.  

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  1. Awwww! He's so cute! I have a black cat who still kind of looks like a kitten and is part adorable/part hates everything xD We nap together and it is glorious.

  2. He's not only cute, but he's got "it". You know that something that we use to describe people who are going to be famous or successful. Well, I can tell that your cat is very special. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, what a cutie!


  4. sweet! He is such a cutie. Shame on you, you're stirring up my desire to have a little grey kitten. ;)
    haha Just kidding. I have two cats with my family and a dog. I love each of them very much. But, I do dream of having a little grey kitten once I move out someday. I am off to follow you on Instagram. =)

    Thanks for sharing pictures and the story of your little buddy. It made me smile this afternoon!


  5. awww so sweet! Cats make such good companions. My Buster is a big old tuxedo cat who loves to follow me around & nap with me too :)


  6. aww so sweet, you're so lucky I want a kitten so bad!!

  7. He is so sweeet and adorable. Such a lovely story :) I've never had a cat before but this makes me want one.

    Www.daintyandivory.blogspot. com

  8. Aww, he's so cute!<3

    Stacey xx

  9. What a cute kitty! One of my favorite things to blog about is to feature photos of the some of the most adorable animals see them here:


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