Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nerd Talk: iOS 7 and Zie Freaking Out

Ok, so nerd talk. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you guys and say that when I first saw this video (right after it came out) that I didn't scream like a little fangirl & freak out with my friends. Because that'd be lying. Because that's exactly what I did. There might have even been some jumping up and down and other odd overly-dramatic (me? never!) silliness. But you guyssss. This kind of stuff gets me going. Yeah, let's get real here: I'm a huge Apple girl. Had a 'Droid, had a PC. HATED them. Apple gets me. 
I know a lot of people are SO not having the new update (scheduled to come out later this Fall). "It's JUST like Windows 8!" Blablabla. Sure, the design is quite like it. But, basically it boils down to no matter what Apple has once again, pulled out a top-notch-redesign that I have a feeling is going to change our lives.
Zie, you're being dramatic. 
Nuh huh. (Ok, maybe. But seriously.) Between the new way to sort and use your photo-stream, Siri being able to CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS, & the changes to easy-access settings and scheduling... Uh. Yes. A thousand times yes. 
I can't wait for it to come out so we can all play & streamline productivity. (Which, is kinda my thing, you know?) 
But what about you guys? What do you think? Excited, don't care, think it's stupid? Anything in particular you are excited about? If nothing else you gotta admit//appreciate Apple's ability to make the best product videos ever, right? That man. He always gets me. 
I wanna hear from you! xo, 

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  1. I am super excited about this update! Originally I hated it because I thought the look was too "Droidish" and I didn't need another reason for my dad to pick at me about how Droids are better than iPhones blablabla, but when I look into the features. Holy smokes!! I am too excited!! Love the way they've changed Safari tabs and iTunes Radio bc I'm a music head!!

  2. I'M SUPER EXCITED TOO!!! It's just visually really clean and appealing and I like it.

    I've been an Apple fan since high school when I first used a Mac at my Apple-aficionado friend's urging and have loved their products ever since.

  3. I think the design looks really ugly but I've heard a lot of good things about it! I'll probably cave.

  4. I am not an apple girl at all I like my stuff very customisable that's why I choose to use android for my phone. I feel like that this is very innovative for apple but other operating systems have been doing this for ages, I think I'd have to see it first hand in order to really freak ouy about some unique features of this OS.


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