Tuesday, July 9, 2013

No Bra, No Pants Time!

Mercy! Monday was a rough one! I woke up in such a happy mood, ready to take on the world with a smile & a bounce in my step. However, the very moment I walked into work, the seemingly never-ending pile of poo slammed into me. And by the end of my 10 hour shift, I was left emotionally, mentally & physically drained. 
But the moment I got home, my favorite part of every day came: Napoleon sitting there, ready for mommy to pick him up & cuddles and then... no bra, no pants time! I can promise you that there is nothing so perfect after a hard day then curling up on the couch, no bra, no pants, cuddling the cat, with a bit of chocolate. Yes, yes. I'm turning into an old cat lady rather quickly, more quickly then previously imagined, but... what can you do? 
So of course, finding such an evening so blissfully inspiring, I decided not to do anything else productive but sit on my couch, watch movies & doodle. A very needed evening. 
And what, my dear ones, do you do after a hard day? Hope you are well! xo,


  1. Hehe, I love this! Sounds wonderful. :D Perfect evening after a hard day, or even a good one! is cuddling with Jen, watching silly TV series' (usually Adult Swim), drinking booze if we have some, smoking our hookah and just relaxing. Or, if the tent is set up, sitting in there, cuddling and doodling and dreaming together.

  2. Love this! (and sorry your day was bad)


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