Friday, July 12, 2013

Thick & Fabulous

So the other day at work, I had to run down the hall for something. And there were a couple ladies that walked passed me and they smiled, nodded & I did the same. Then as I got just down the hall, hardly out of earshot, I heard one of them whisper to the other: "she'd be cute if she wasn't fat." And I paused.
I'd be cute if I wasn't fat? At first, I was shocked. Then, anger and honestly, a tiny sting of sadness and regret. Because I'm going to be really honest with you guys: for half of a second I agreed with them. I fell for what gets shoved down our throats daily about how thin equates beauty. And I think that angered me more than anything. Because I know--- I KNOW I'm beautiful. I'm a good person, I have a smile that I've been told is infectious, and I'm just cute.
But for half a nauseating second I heard what those women, those thin, gorgeous women said and I listened. 
But then that second passed and I remembered something important. So vitally important. I'm thick. But I'm fabulous and nothing those women or any others say or think, that's not going to change.

And I think that's something we all need to remember, ok? Because you cannot in any seriousness look at this woman, this sassy, fabulous woman and tell me she's not just as sexy as any other woman, thick, thin, shapely, delicate. 
We are all beautiful. Everyone of us and I am so sick of being ashamed of admitting I am plus-size. And I am tired of my thin friends being picked on because they "need to eat more". We are who we are, ok? 
And I say all of this & then I heard again this week that if I really felt that way then why was I trying to diet. I am trying to "diet" right now by eating healthier and making sure I am taking care of myself. But let's set something straight folks, that has nothing to do with my butt, my thighs or my stomach and everything to do with the fact that before this week, I couldn't remember the last time I ate a meal that wasn't frozen and processed or what the last vegetable I even looked at was. And I really dislike this mentality that I am coming into contact with that "oh a fat girl got a salad and a water, she must be trying to lose weight and not be fat anymore".  No. We just like salads, ok? 
I'm sorry for the soap box shpeal, my loves, but I am so angry and tired of seeing others, and experiencing myself, body-image struggles. Tomorrow, I want everyone one of us, thick, thin, fit, delicate, tall, short, whatever and whatever to do the following: 

Because you are and I love you. 
I am Zie Campbell and I am a fabulously thick bad ass bitch from hell. Kirk out. 


  1. Eeurgh, people are knobs! You are CUTE AND THICK!!! Good on you for realising that :)


  2. wow people suck...

    i started the whole healthy eating thing after christmas and spent half my time explaining i was doing it to feel better and stop eating crap rather than to lose weight because I am perfectly happy with my hips and bum!

    and as you say, nothing wrong with being "too" thin either, we are who we are and the more people embrace it and hold their heads high the better the world will be!

    josie x

  3. That's just awful, sometimes it feel like a never ending cycle. I'm naturally slim and trust me I eat a lot, but it really bugs me when people say I'm too skinny or I need to eat something and then there are the ones who say 'Only women with curves are sexy' etc. Why can't we all be beautiful no matter what shape or size we are!


  4. Ugh some people are real idiots :( Never let such people get you down! They need a make over...on the inside.


  5. Wow. That makes me want to B**** slap those girls. And GUYS. They do the same thing to girls. I have a friend that seriously struggles with her self identity and has issues of her own and gets it from guys. I just don't understand why people think that they're better and can tell people crap.


    Keep shining girl. Cuz you're badass. :)


  6. So rude. You ARE gorgeous and don't you forget it :D


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