Monday, July 8, 2013

What's in my ModCloth bag?

So quite a few months ago, I snapped up this wonderfully darling bag from ModCloth and I've been using it since. I hardly ever buy new bags, simply because I'd rather wait, find one that I just LOVE and if it's a bit more costly (like this one), well, it's ok because it's so wonderfully made & I use them forever! And when I eventually need a change in scene, I just retire that bag temporarily & come back to it down the line. Then it's like a new bag all over again! I really admire ModCloth's handiwork on this one. The scallops & giant ball clasps are just the best. And surprisingly, it holds quite a bit. 
But I JUST cleaned out my little bag & wanted to share what it looks like before it gathers all sorts of odd bits: receipts, hair pins, hundreds of different tubes of lipstick (I've got a thing for lipstick, ok?), etc. 
So currently in my bag: business card stickers || Rimmel's "Kate" lipstick #12 || hair wrap from Claire's || iPhone 5 case from Claire's || Rifle Paper Co Notebook || Pocket Accent pink highlighter || Pilot pen ||  found kawaii tinYou may be asking, Zie, what's in that silly little case? Well, folks, I have some exciting news!

Many of you may not know, but I smoke. Bleh, Zie ya nasty! I know, I know! But hear me out. Well over a year ago, my dad switched over to these eGo-C Twist electronic cigarettes, and hasn't smoked a real smoke since. These are basically water vapor, nicotine & flavoring and are not good for you, but a heck of a lot better than the crap I was smoking. So I've decided to give it a go for my health & my long-term wallet's sake! Hah. It's not quite the same as a good smoke, but with things like peppermint & hazelnut, well, you can't be that upset about it. :] 
Wish me luck! 
So what are you carrying around these days? & Has anyone else battled the smoking-monster? Or just me? Hah. 
Hope you are well, my darlings! xo 


  1. Love the scallop detail! And your amazing-ly bow-topped, blinged out iPhone case! (and go you for switching to the e-cigarettes! Not super good, per say, but an awesome step)

  2. GORGEOUS bag and I love your kawaii case! I have a thing for pretty/cute/gothic cases. I smoke a hookah, so I can't carry that around with me, unless I get the hookah e-cig version. ;) I'm not trying to quit, however 'tis IS expensive. My bag often just has my wallet, my phone, my mother-in-law's phone in case I need to call someone and whatever receipts, etc. I've gathered. When I am going somewhere important, I take a note of what I need to remember, like shopping list or what I've been going through, etc.

  3. Of course your e-cig is pink. :)
    Super happy you moved in that direction. Yay for you.
    And those business cards? They need a close up of their own.

  4. That bag is just to pretty, I love looking at 'Whats in my bag' post. I'm so nosy!



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