Saturday, August 31, 2013

August in Review

I can't believe August is over! (Nor that 2013 is going by so fast!) But I can't find it in myself to be sad about that... FALL IS COMING. & Fall is my favorite. :} Plus, I'm quite excited about where my little blog is headed, both content & reader wise. I feel like we are growing and having some laughs together & I can't wait for more!  Here are a few of my favorite posts this month: 
We started this month off with a book review of a couple of oldies, but goodies. & I'm almost done with another book, so another review is coming soon! (Maybe I'll be able to do this once a month?) 
Talked a lot about poop & how girls are people too on the blog, twitter & instagram, tehe. 
Darling Dear, the shop is now open! & pstt... there's still a discount open in there. 
I started up penpalling again, and I'm so happy about that! I have a few amazing ladies sending me goodies and I'm just so spoiled <3 
Started eating a bit healthier & trying to work veggies into my life in a way that doesn't make the five-year-old me go "yuck!" 
August was strange because I exploded with ideas & inspiration. & A couple times this month, I tried to do an "honest to blog" where I actually opened up and tried to have a real-life conversation with you guys. That was a bit scary, I'll admit, but I am so blessed and thankful that you guys are all awesome and talked with me. 
Part of my on-going Back to School series, talking about what apps I use as a student & business owner on my iPhone. Also, my cat is such a creep. 
I did a bad, bad thing three time this month & had mini-shopping-sprees at Target, Forever 21 & Modcloth. Here's the newest bag & what's in it from Target. 
And we wrapped up the month with a reintroduction of thick & fabulous here on Darling Dear. And as per requested, I'll be sharing plus-sized body positive outfit posts on here a bit more next month. I've already got a few planned & ready to go! :D 

+ Songs: Jubel by Klingande, Winter Solstice by Cold Specks, Sushi by Kyle Andrews, Nuclear Seasons by Charli XCX, Alive by Empire of the Sun 
+ Rootbeer floats with birthday cake icecream. IN MY MOUFF.
+ School started back & I'm working on some awesome projects that I can't wait to share.
+ Napoleon is now 6 pounds! My little baby is growing up so fast! 
+Finally finished moving into my apartment (four months later, tehe) 

But what about you, my sweetests? How did your August end up? And what are you most excited about & what would you like to see from Darling Dear in September? 

EDIT: Also! I forgot to congratulate the winners of the Firmoo giveaway! Congrats to Tracey & Anne, I've sent you both an email, so be looking for that. To everyone else who entered, than you so much! & If you didn't win, don't worry because you can still snag your first pair of free Firmoo glasses/sunglasses. Just check this out for details. :] 
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  1. Wow! this blog is really packed for of adorable, yet smart and interesting inspiration!

    Nice to meet you Zie, I'm Amanda. :3


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