Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School: Computer Apps

Hello dearlings! I hope yesterday's post was helpful! Today, I wanted to finish the helpful app posts with ones for your computer. Some of these are repeats from yesterday, but I wanted to add the repeats that I think are most successful in using on both your phone & computer. & Maybe show how they are different/more helpful via the computer. 
Again, I'll mention Evernote, but I don't want to go too much into it as I'm going to have a whole post dedicated to it later in the series. But just like via the phone it's perfect for note-taking, storing and sorting information for classes. 
This is anther one from yesterday, but I like it better on the computer. It makes it easier to see, sort and organize all of the files you're sending from computer to computer or from phone to computer, etc. It's my preferred method of file transfer vs. something like a jump-drive. Especially as you can upload a file or a folder of files & then create and share a link straight from Dropbox to send to someone else. For instance: sharing my presentation & notes from a whole class with my partner. 
One last one from yesterday, but still a really wonderful app. Again, I'm more of a fan of this one on the computer. It just feels a bit nicer and roomier, if that makes sense. I know quite a few people who use this to organize & create all kinds of lists, not just to-do lists. Groceries, wish-lists, movies to watch, books to read, papers coming up, etc. 
This one isn't one you can snag from the App store, but you can google it & it's one of the most amazing apps ever. You have websites you can "black list" and when you turn the app on those sites are shut down. And there is seriously nothing you can do to get back on them, hah. You can restart your computer, delete the program, etc. & it still won't let you on the websites you've blocked until time's up! Ha! So make sure you don't put it on 24 hrs unless you really really need to, hah ;) 
Lep's World 2
And after you've been working really hard for ever and ever on homework, studying, writing papers, etc., take a break with Lep's World. :] It's basically a free Mario for you computer but with a little leprechaun. It's just brainless fun for a bit :] 
Along the same lines of needing a little break, do you guys remember Microsoft Paint? Because that was my main jam. & Even though I totally have Illustrator & Photoshop, there is just nothing in this world that is as fun as Paint, hah. So pop on there and doodle a bit. 
This is another productivity & organization app that I've used in the past. However, I really liked this one because it has great panels to break down each task. So say one of your tasks is "study for History test," you can break that down into steps & files used for it. & it's got quite a few different ways for you to share and sort that information. Quite nifty. 
Relax Melodies
Everyone has a playlist for concentrating and getting work done, yes? But even still, sometimes you're just not feeling very motivated, right? Well, this app has sounds to help your brain focus & kick into gear. I normally play my playlist over the top of the "concentration" sound. It's like a low hum, but I swear it works. Best used with headphones, though. 
There's probably a billion more that I use/ should use, but these are the ones that I do/have used regularly & find very helpful especially for back to school :] 
But what about you, dearlings? What do you use? Did I miss any apps? Have you tried these before? xo. 
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