Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School, Little Fox

This past week, my parents were awesome enough to come up & help me finish getting ready for school. Mainly finishing my apartment (unpacking the last few boxes & hanging some things), & they even took me clothes shopping! & when mom and I decided to stop at Target, I wasn't expecting much. Every time I've gone lately, it's been crap mostly. Which breaks my heart, because I love Target. But then this time... BOOM. All of the amazing clothes & goodies just popped out and into my basket. :} 

Including things like this darling little fox bag. & The most amazingly bestest part about it (besides the cute little fox & the color, of course)... It holds a lot! I have my sketchbook, planner & notebook all tucked in safely. Then add onto that my wallet, my smokey thing, a couple pens, my phone & headphones, & then a little tube of mascara. Cause you know I always gotta be lookin' fresh. <3 
But what about you, my loves? What's in your bag lately & where'd you get it? Wish me luck because school starts today! AHHHH. 


  1. Cute purse, and I love the phone case! Then again I love just about everything :)

  2. I love that purse!! I've seen it a couple times at Target but I just don't want to spend money frivolously right now. :( But it is super cute + I love all the odds and ends you keep inside!! :) xo

  3. That bag is amazingly wonderful. I haven't seen it at my local Target yet... I may have to do a little searching on the website.

    And good luck with school! I started classes and a new job this past week so I'm sending you all kinds of best wishes.

  4. That bag is way too cute! It reminds me of an Emma Fox bag! I've always loved Target as well but I agree, they haven't been selling the best stuff lately. I love everything in your bag as well, especially that planner :)

  5. I love this bag- I just bought one for myself. by chance are you having trouble with the lining coming ripping apart from the bag?


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